Beauty is better than brains

In the video, a small group of women are asked to describe their faces to a person whom they cannot see. The person is a forensic artist who is there to draw pictures of the women based on their verbal descriptions. A curtain separates the artist and the women, and they never see each other.

Beauty is better than brains

A new exhibition in Washington, D. These aesthetic qualities trigger a pleasing response in the viewer. And, that response, he argued, is universal, no matter where or when that viewer lives. What shapes are most pleasing, the group wondered, and what exactly is happening in our brains when we look at them?

They had three hypotheses. It is possible, they thought, that the shapes we most prefer are more visually exciting, meaning that they spark intense brain activity. At the same time, it could be that our favorite shapes are serene and calm brain activity.

Or, they surmised we very well might gravitate to shapes that spur a pattern of alternating strong and weak activity. Each set included 25 shapes, all variations on a laser scan of a sculpture by artist Jean Arp.

Beauty is better than brains

The shapes were basically blobs with various appendages. Ultimately, the scientists found that visitors like shapes with gentle curves as opposed to sharp points. But the exhibition offers up some pretty sound reasoning for why the opposite may be true.

The brain may have evolved to process information about such smoothly rounded shapes in order to guide survival behaviors like eating, mating and predator evasion. In contrast, the brain may devote less processing to high curvature, jagged forms, which tend to be inorganic e.

Brain scans taken while these participants were evaluating the interior designs showed that rounded decor prompted significantly more brain activity, much like what the Johns Hopkins group discovered.Jan 14,  · Brains Brawn doesn't win the war anymore, technologically advanced super-weapons do.

The smart guy becomes a CEO, the strong guy works in his Resolved.

Beauty is better than brains

The brain, among its many other functions, is a beauty detector. The brain is such a good beauty detector, in fact, that it can judge the appeal of a face before you’re aware you’ve even seen one.

How do you start a debate about how beauty is more important than brains

Nov 15,  · My group got the maxim "Beauty is better than brains." I hate the topic and we are having a difficult coming up with a plot that can continue for a couple pages with the characters being called 'Brains' and 'Beauty.' They think of Beauty as a dumb Open.

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Beauty is Better Than Brains