Environmental impact of tourism on antarctica essay

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Environmental impact of tourism on antarctica essay

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Natural Resources in Antarctica

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Human impacts in Antarctica — Australian Antarctic Division

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Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed. Environmental Impact of Tourism on Antarctica This essay discusses the environmental impact of tourism on Antarctica.

The subheading Description will give an overview of the continent, highlight the unique landscape, weather patterns and research stations making up some of the tourist attractions of this continent. Although tourism and human contact on Antarctica is showing some negative impacts, it has also encouraged conservation efforts in the region.

Another step towards the recognition of potential environmental impact is the creation of the IATTO (International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators). On Nov. 15, , an anonymous buyer paid a hair over $90 million for a David Hockney, a record auction price for a living artist.

Thus all these negative and positive effects of tourism on the environment, brings us to a conclusion that tourism can be treated in negative as well as positive aspect in regards to the environment.

Environmental impact of tourism on antarctica essay

The negative impacts can be reduced by taking initiative towards conserving natural resources. A directory of Eco Tours with listings of organisations that can help to plan eco holidays all over the world.

All operators are commited to the principles of ecotourism and responsible travel.

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