How to write a journal article citation

It identifies each source you consulted in preparing your paper, the specific information you used, and where in the source that the information was found. G53 The numbers in [ ] refer to the appropriate chapters in the handbook. Generally, a parenthetical citation includes the author's last name and the page number s of the information used:

How to write a journal article citation

Gardner Updated July 21, Reviewing journal articles is an ideal way to learn more about a specific area of interest and how research is conducted. Knowing how to do this according to American Psychological Association APA standards helps prepare you to be a professional.


Begin with the last name s and initial s of the author s. This is followed by the year of publication in parentheses.

The article name comes next, followed by the title of the journal in italicsvolume number in italics and issue number in parentheses. End with the page numbers. Citation Example Punctuate the citation as follows: Processing pitch in a nonhuman mammal Chinchilla laniger.

Journal of Comparative Psychology italicizeditalicized2. Text of Review The body of your review varies according to the type of article and your instructor's requirements. You may have to include the intended audience, the research question, methodology, results, implications and your own assessment of how it relates to what you are studying.

Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.Make comprehensive notes before beginning your journal article.

Writing for a professional journal is quite different from other types of professional writing. The publishers normally . [2] Citation,2 published by the Columbia, Harvard, and University of Pennsylvania Law Reviews, and the Yale Law Journal.

At its inception, The Bluebook was a . Use the URL of the website where you have found the journal article. If you have used the printed version of a book, you can leave the DOI and URL empty.

Generate citation for a journal article. According to APA’s citation guidelines, you should write down the last name of the authors and the year of publication. This can be done in.

how to write a journal article citation

Write only the last name of the first author followed by et al. And now here are the details in writing APA journal citation for the reference list.

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The elements listed may not be present in all journals specifically the issue number, so you just have to include the information available from the reference. Sep 11,  · This video is based on the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

It explains how to include journal and magazine articles with a . Click on an article title, find the Logan ONLINE icon to access the full text. In-Text Citation NLM Style offers a bit of flexibility on how to cite in-text.

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