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Netw202 w2 lab report perry

Lessons for journalism education from a campus publication Ian Glenn On not teaching journalism: Tomaselli Back to the future: Everything I know I learned from TV: No longer is it a question of universities trying to eke out the best possible programmes, only to be dismissed by industry as not being practical or production-focused enough.

Neither are government, educational authorities and society at large mere onlookers. The impact of the news media has become so pervasive that all and sundry now debate the role of journalism in society, together with the question: Consequently, the definitions of journalism and journalists are also changing and being questioned.

And as these definitions shift, so does the question of journalism education and training: How does one teach journalists? Pertinent therefore to this edition of Ecquid Novi is: This edition of Ecquid Novi offers a variety of articles dealing with the questions posed above.

In all these articles, the authors endeavour to open new ways to approach the issue at hand. Also in the research section, the article by Elanie Steyn, AS de Beer and Derik Steyn shows the value of a rather recent South African development of research interaction between academe and industry.

Netw202 w2 lab report perry

Following on the first national South African National Editors Forum skills audit this article deals with the second national audit by Sanef, this time to research the managerial skills of frontline news managers.

As was the case with the first audit, the second audit has already been implemented by certain newspapers and promises a functional way in the future for academe and industry to work together in the field of journalism education and training.

Also in the Forum section John Merrill, Larry Strelitz and Lynette Steenveld address one of the emerging issues that will impact on journalism education and training, namely the rise and role of tabloid newspapers in South African society.

In the last article of the Forum section Keyan Tomaselli offers new hope for the field of mass communication, media studies and journalism to move ahead.

He not only offers practical ideas regarding the content of journalism, communication and mass communication courses at university level, but also emphasises the role that journals can play in this regard. From the articles in this edition of Ecquid Novi, as well as from other present discussions about journalism education and training for instance the development of course content for training in a media industry contextit has become clear that innovative, thinking-out-of-the-box kind of approaches are needed.

But journalism education should also open its doors to other stakeholders in society — as journalism is no longer the sole preserve of journalists. An example of such new input is found in the assignments of MPhil Journalism students at Stellenbosch University.

This, according to Galant, would even mean that journalists would be equipped to establish new and alternative media outlets: The Editors, Ecquid Novi, 26 2: Journalism education in Europe and North America.

Hampton; MurrayM. Journalism teaching and training Pieter J.

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This article paraphrases the early criticism against journalism, after which the two main streams of contemporary criticism, namely critical political economy and professional criticism are briefly discussed.

Instead of focussing predominantly on professional skills, there is a need for journalism studies, also in terms of raising its own status as an academic discipline, to focus more on intellectual skills such as reasoning, argumentation, persuasion rhetoriccontextualisation, the skills of historical thinking, description, interpretation and evaluation.

Apart from this, it is argued that South African journalism studies should also focus on the development of an African epistemology for the practice and evaluation of journalism in South Africa. Journalism, education, academia, practical skills, intellectual skills, phenomenology, criticism, journalistic ideology, structural limitations, journalistic quality, changed media environment.

Peer reviewed research article. The skills versus theory debate is usually set against the background of industry demands and turns on how to satisfy the needs and dictates of the industry.

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Furthermore, recent debates in South Africa are characterised by uncertainties created by the adoption of a new tertiary educational system in which the distinction between training colleges, technikons and universities has been abolished.

Training colleges have disappeared and technikons are now universities of technology or have been merged with universities. By whom, universities or universities of technology, journalism should be offered and how it should be offered at the different institutions, remains an open question Gibbon on the massification and commercialisation of tertiary education and its impact on South Africa.

Addressing these issues has resulted in debates with an emphasis on didactic measures and techniques geared towards industry-related outcomes, the 1 2 In South Africa, the question of journalism education is frequently debated at academic conferences, symposia and workshops.

Numerous articles on the topic are published in the leading South African academic journal in the field of journalism, Ecquid Novi, edited by Prof. For example, Volume 23 1 is devoted to the topic of journalism skills and education.

The three questions the colloquium sought to address were: Why do we teach it?Today’s Kidney Diet Cookbooks. Get free kidney-friendly recipe collections from DaVita dietitians.

Anthony Perry NETW, Robert Meadows Current Date iLab #2, Introduction to Wireshark Lab Report Section I: Watch the video on the iLab page about Wireshark and answer the questions below. ITV Network Centre cancelled The Cook Report in when its final audiences were around nine-and-a-half million.

The Cook Report joined This Week, First Tuesday, World In Action and Weekend World in the censorship graveyard of investigative journalism. 1. What is the difference between a push marketing strategy and a pull marketing strategy?

Explain how each of these strategies work. 2. Describe channel conflict and provide an example. Comp Week 1 Windows Cli Commands Lab Report. Student Name Class Comp Date 9/7/14 Windows CLI Commands Lab Report NOTE: Please use Carriage Returns and Page Breaks as needed to prevent box contents from extending across page boundaries.

View Lab Report - NETW_W2_Lab_Report from NETWORK at DeVry University, San Diego. Student Name NETW, Professors Name Date iLab #2, Introduction to Wireshark Lab Report Section I: Watch the%(51).

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