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The word "project" thus originally meant "before an action". When the English language initially adopted the word, it referred to a plan of something, not to the act of actually carrying this plan out. Something performed in accordance with a project became known as an " object ".

Resource management ass 2

Go Directly to Registration Four questions are included to properly register your Kay bass.

Resource management ass 2

After answering the questions, send the info, and I will be able to add your Kay Bass to the database. After Registration I will provide a date of manufacture for your bass. All pictures are appreciated and saved for reference.

Shortcuts to bass identification: Al Link now deceasedand his son Tom, of Engelhardt-Link, cooperated in all aspects, opening the doors to his factory whenever a question arose.

Kay Bass From the time the first Kay bass was producedthe majority of the wooden parts were made at the factory.

Resource management ass 2

Necks were contoured from hard maple, peg holes drilled, tops and backs formed-sanded, ribs bent and bass bars installed on tooling either made for or developed under Kuhrmeyer's direction. Presses for installing the bass bar, and the heating forms used to laminate the tops and backs of the instruments were made in-house.

The heating irons used to form the shape of the ribs were purchased, as were the sanding machines used to sand the tops, backs and necks of the new line of instruments.

Also purchased, was a hot stamping or embossing machine. This machine was capable of embossing the tailpiece with the word Kay in cursive script. Bandsaws, drills and other hand tools needed were already in house. The first bass manufactured was apparently the Concert or the C The concert bass had rounded shoulders or bouts, which made the bass easier to play while sitting.

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The Maestro model M-1having a shape similar to a violin, known as the Viol shape, where the middle ribs form a point at their junction with both the upper and lower ribs was manufactured after Kay was well into production. It was a fancy bass and could be ordered with engraved tuners, inlaid purfling and ebony fingerboard and tailpiece.

Alvin Hawes was the man who designed the bass. The earliest instrument in the database is a cello Ser 2. Kraftsman and Old Kraftsman basses were manufactured for Spiegels. The B is the same as the C-1 or student model, brown finish; the B was the same as the M-1 model, brown finish; and the B was the same as the top of the line S-9 model, blonde finish.

Probably less than 50 were manufactured.Resource management game? - posted in PC: So I tried Farmville 2. First time I had tried one of these Ville games. I totally love the resource management stuff. About ACRA. ACRA is the national trade association supporting and promoting the common interests of cultural resource management (CRM) .

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(If you have MS-Word format, open your resume in Word and select all the contents by pressing Ctrl + A, then copy. The following list includes all common acronyms and abbreviations that are used in the world of project management.

Terms are linked to definitions where available. Resource Description Framework (RDF) Overview. RDF is a standard model for data interchange on the Web. RDF has features that facilitate data merging even if the underlying schemas differ, and it specifically supports the evolution of schemas over time without requiring all .

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