Sl212 communicate in writing answers as mixed

Audience and Format The first step to writing clearly is choosing the appropriate format.

Sl212 communicate in writing answers as mixed

Mynhardt is a communications architect, helping organisations consistently communicate with creativity and clarity. While great design, web and writing elements on their own make up the individual building blocks of a communication strategy, at best they give marginal support to the core message, while at worst they take away and distract from the focus.

sl212 communicate in writing answers as mixed

Developing and deploying an integrated communication strategy and plan, is what gives context and meaning to the physical expressions of your message. It frames every piece of graphic, copy and online interaction into a cohesive whole, sending a singular clear and creative message. If writing and design are the building blocks, crafting a clear strategy and plan is the foundation of your communications.

You might have noticed that I keep referring to both a communication strategy and a plan. That is because they are two very seperate tools in your communication arsenal. Understanding the similarities, but more importantly, the differences between each, will help you to conceptualise them more effectively, and commission them more efficiently in the world.

Firstly, while I understand that it might come down to mere semantics for some, we work in an industry where words matter. Taking the time to understand the need, nature and niche application for both a strategy and a plan, will make sure you can initially craft a message, and eventually create the mediums for consistent communication success.

Then, increased complexity in the areas of communication, public relations and marketing have forced the categories of a strategy and plan into two similar but seperate directions.

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Having a firm grasp on each will enable every serious communications architect to seamlessly navigate the nuances of the modern target audience.

Finally, as we grow deeper in our understanding of our craft, we must develop increased capacity for the subtle differences in application. Through our work in communications over the years, we have slowly but surely figured out the differences between a strategy and a plan.

sl212 communicate in writing answers as mixed

Going through the thinking process in putting our learnings to paper, has helped us in understanding it more clearly, and enabled us to develop it with more clarity. With the help of other experts and communication thought leaders, mixed in with our own experiences, here is what we have learned.

A communication strategy is a solution to move from where you are now to where you want to be — or put another way, it is what you want to happen to achieve a specific end. A strategy is a type of solution that deals with uncertainty.

It raises the probability that we will reach our destination in good form, and it does so mostly by creating the conditions that favor success. It includes statements of intent, is purposefully unspecific, and speaks to the overall direction.

A communication plan, on the other hand, deals with the specifics at hand.

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It is a programme, scheme or arrangement for a very definite purpose. At its most basic, a communication plan is a written account of an intended future course of action, aimed at achieving a specific goal within a predetermined timeframe.

When comparing a strategy and a plan, we see that our strategy helps us understand what it is we want to do, and our plan lays out how we will practically go about doing it.

As you see, in the areas of communication architecture and design, being intentional with both your strategy and plan, is absolutely crucial in making sure your organisation communicates effectively [through a strategy] and efficiently [with a plan].

A strategy is about high level thinking; a plan is about ground level execution. For the most part, a communication strategy should not be drafted by the communication team in isolation, but preferably with the close input of the top level management of an organisation.

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